Collect 36 points from 11 wins and 3 draws

The "heavenly" is living a distinguished season .. 12 points away, to break a historical record

Bani Yas defeated Ajman and became a point away from Sharjah runner-up.

Photography: Eric Arazas

Baniyas team is currently living its best period in the Arab Gulf League, after it maintained the pattern of distinguished results, and after achieving an important victory the day before yesterday, in the 18th round at the expense of Ajman 2-0, to hit several birds with one stone, as in addition to strengthening its position in the center Third in the league standings, reaching the point of 36 enabled him now to approach the third best tally of points collected in one season in the history of his participation, while he is 12 points away from smashing the best historical record.

A statistic for "Emirates Today" revealed that in the 2010/2011 season, Baniyas collected 41 points, which is the second largest score for him in the history of his participation, and it was reflected in 12 wins and five draws, while he lost five matches, scored 38 goals, while it received He scored 24, and finished the season in second place.

The best score for Al-Samawi was in the 2012/2013 season, and at that time he got 47 points from 14 wins and five draws, while he lost in seven rounds, and his players scored 50 goals and received 37, and finished the season in fourth place as well. While the third best outcome in the 2018/2019 season, when he got 40 points, from 11 wins and seven draws, lost on eight occasions, scored 50, received 40, and finished the race sixth.

The opportunity will be favorable for Bani Yas this season to break the record in the number of points in the history of the league, as the team is currently ranked third with 36 points, and eight matches remain for it against Kalba, Al Nasr, Al Ain, Hatta, Sharjah, Shabab Al Ahly, Al Dhafra and Al Wahda. The victory in four matches to collect 12 points enables him to reach the point 48 to write a new history, while he is expected to collect more points, with the big shift in the results achieved under the leadership of Romanian coach Daniel Isla, and the amazing performance provided by all players.

The assistant coach of Bani Yas, Salem Al-Arfi, who attended the press conference on behalf of the suspended Isla, said: "The team has achieved three important points at a difficult time, especially with the pressure of matches it is going through, and we hope to continue on the same path."

He added, "The team took advantage of the opportunities it got against Ajman, and it is good that we won regardless of performance."

The best score for Baniyas in its history

2012/2013: 47 points from 26 games

2011/2010: 41 points from 22 games

2018/2019: 40 points from 26 games.

- 2020/2021: 36 points from 18 games (so far).

• 8 matches remaining for Al Samawi against Kalba, Al Nasr, Al Ain, Hatta, Sharjah, Shabab Al Ahly, Al Dhafra and Al Wahda.

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