Ligue 2, 27th day: 1-4 for Nancy against Châteauroux at the Gaston-Petit stadium -

20 Minutes

Nancy Châteauroux at the Gaston-Petit stadium for the 27th day of Ligue 2. With a final score of 4 to 1, Nancy won this meeting.

Biron did not give a present today.

He finished the match with a hat-trick.

In the usual 4-3-3, Garcia's team faced Cauet's 4-3-1-2 castelroussin, with Sunu and Merdji in attack.

Unlocking the counter in the 31st, Biron, on a service from Lefebvre, allowed his team to really start the match.

In form, he scored again in the 42nd and then in the 48th.

Then, Scheidler scored a goal in the 63rd minute, to the advantage of the Nancy side.

In the 72nd, Ibara Doniama scored the last goal of the match for the benefit of Châteauroux.

The referee handed out a yellow card to Karamoko, Operi, Sidibe and Fofana.

Following this match, Nancy temporarily keeps her 15th position, ahead of USL Dunkirk.

The new defeat suffered by Châteauroux keeps the club at the bottom of the standings.

Châteauroux and Nancy: the next matches

Nancy will play against Caen at the Marcel-Picot stadium on March 2 at 8 p.m.

Pau will face Châteauroux on the same day during the same evening, at the Stade du Hameau.

Find, at the end of the matches, the evolution of the classification of Ligue 2, or the results of Ligue 2 and news of Ligue 2.

The match sheet

Châteauroux - Nancy: 1-4 (0-2 at half-time)

In Châteauroux (Gaston-Petit stadium), on February 27, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Nancy coach: Jean-Louis Garcia

Composition of Nancy: Martin Sourzac (16) (then Baptiste Valette in the 14th), Ernest Seka (22), Souleymane Karamoko (18), Séga Coulibaly (4) (then Christopher Wooh in the 69th), Ogou Akichi (24), Aurélien Nguiamba (20), Kenny Rocha Santos (15) (then Warren Bondo in the 79th), Grégoire Lefebvre (6), Giovanni Haag (5), Aurélien Scheidler (26) (then Vinni Dugary Triboulet in the 69th), Mickaël Biron (7) (then Rayan Philippe in the 79th)

Châteauroux trainer: Benoît Cauet

Composition of Châteauroux: Tommy Plumain (50), Christopher Operi (21), Nama Fofana (12) (then Thibaut Vargas in the 47th), Yannick Joseph M'Bone (3), Leo Leroy (27) (then Kalidou Sidibe in the 48th), Opa Sanganté (19), Rémi Mulumba (4), Ilyas Chouaref (25), Gilles Sunu (18) (then Abdoulrazak Boukari in the 47th), Alexis Goncalves Pereira (14) (then Romain Grange in the 81st), Yanis Merdji (9) (then Prince Vinny Ibara Doniama in the 65th)

Goals: Biron (31st), Biron (42nd), Biron (48th), Scheidler (63rd), Ibara Doniama (72nd)

Warnings: Fofana (25th), Sidibe (48th), Operi (62nd) for Châteauroux, Karamoko (27th) for Nancy

No player sent off

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