Jordan Brown won the first ranking championship in his career.

Image source: World Taiwan Federation.

  Chinanews client, Beijing, February 27th (Reporter Xing Rui) Jordan Brown, who was still busy at the tanker in his first year, could not imagine that he would stand on Snow at some point in the future. The final stage of the K Open Championship, and used a lore to beat the top players of O'Sullivan's level.

  Three years have passed, and now he has ushered in this moment.

  At the Snooker Welsh Open that ended in the early hours of the 22nd, Beijing time, the 34-year-old Jordan Brown narrowly defeated the favorite O'Sullivan 9:8 and won the championship trophy for the first ranking match in his career.

  The whole game went on ups and downs, the two have been biting the score, "Rocket" O'Sullivan even surpassed the score even after falling behind.

In the final deciding game, Brown scored 74 points on a single stroke to complete the lore.

With this hard-won victory, Jordan Brown has also become the world's lowest ranked champion in the past 28 years.

Brown is in the game.

  Compared to the set record and various praises, the £70,000 bonus may be even more important for Jordan Brown.

This is the most generous reward in his career. Brown said that he wants to use the money to pay the bills. This will undoubtedly solve his worries in life. He no longer has to live as tight as before. Days are gone.

  Jordan Brown is not a newcomer in the snooker world.

He started playing billiards a long time ago and became a professional player in 2009.

But his results were not outstanding, and he withdrew from the tour stage after only one season.

  In order to make ends meet, Jordan Brown became a full-time gas station employee and got up to work at 5:30 every morning.

This kind of boring life has been going on for many years, and Brown also discovered in the lapse of time: it turns out that his favorite is snooker.

Brown accepted an interview after winning the championship.

  By 2018, Jordan Brown decided to make some changes.

He picked up the club again and passed the test of the amateur tournament Q School and qualified for the World Snooker Tour.

  Returning to the professional arena also means facing greater competition and pressure.

Last season, Brown was still worried about relegation, but fortunately, with his debut in the World Championships, he kept his place.

Before the Welsh Open, the 33-year-old Brown was only 81st in the world rankings and had never broken through the quarterfinals in the rankings.

But Brown still firmly believes that any snooker player who wants to achieve good results in the professional arena is inseparable from hard training.

  During the period of returning to the game, hard training and actual confrontation have almost become the most important part of Brown's life.

He thought to himself that one day, he could win back a trophy of his own.

Brown and O'Sullivan are in the game.

Image source: World Taiwan Federation website.

  Until the defeat of O'Sullivan, Jordan Brown's persistence finally paid off.

As he said after winning the championship: "No matter what you are engaged in, if you have an achievement you are eager to achieve, then never give up, as long as you believe that everything is possible." This six-time World Championship champion Lille The championship trophy named after Dayton is a testament to Brown’s dream come true.

After a period of gloomy days, he finally saw light at the end of the darkness.

  And those who didn't defeat him also made him stronger.

While composing a piece of dark horse legend, he also gained the respect and admiration of his opponents.

In the final finals, O'Sullivan thought he had performed well. For Brown who killed him, the Rockets were also willing to betray him: "When I can play well, few people can beat me, but Brown is one of them. One. Facing such a player, what else can I say? I am convinced of the loss."

  Looking around the world of snooker, few players can make O'Sullivan surrender, and this also proves Brown's strength from the side.

Welsh finals poster.

  Brown, who can win O'Sullivan, may not be a shooting star.

In this competition, he defeated Selby, Maguire and O'Sullivan all the way to the final laugh. The gold content of this championship is naturally self-evident.

  With this victory, he also got tickets to the Players Championship.

This event is only open to the top 16 players in a single season.

Unfortunately, Brown lost to Higgins in the first round of the Players Championship, failing to create another miracle.

  However, a "gas station hitman" dedicated a brilliant performance in a high-level snooker event and competed with the top players known by hundreds of millions of people. This is the best interpretation of "inspirational".

  With this extraordinary victory at the Welsh Open, in the future career, Jordan Brown's mentality on the court will become more calm.

Regardless of whether he can continue to maintain his dark horse, his career has reached a new level.

Along this road, there may be brighter lights.