Following the spread of the new corona virus and the decision by a special team of the IOC = International Olympic Committee to cancel the world final qualifying for boxing at the Tokyo Olympics, the Japan Amateur Boxing Federation, which had been seeking qualifying, I understood the claim and accepted the decision.

The IOC's special team, which will take the initiative in boxing for the Tokyo Olympics, will cancel the world final qualifying round scheduled for June in Paris on the 15th, and a special team will be set up for the 53 slots that were scheduled to be contested. It was announced that it would be decided based on the ranking.

Since five men and women from Japan were scheduled to participate in the qualifying, the Japan Amateur Boxing Federation submitted a petition to the special team requesting the final qualifying in Asia and Oceania.

Under these circumstances, the federation announced on the 27th that it would accept the decision of the special team.

According to this, when exchanging opinions with the special team, the federation showed an understanding of the content based on the fact that the spread of infection is a problem in the world, and cooperated for success as a sports organization of the host country of the Tokyo Games. It means that we have confirmed that we will go.

The Japan Amateur Boxing Federation commented, "I made the utmost effort for the athletes. The special team also puts the athletes first."

What is the impact on Japanese players?

In the final qualifying round of the world, which was decided to be canceled, a total of five men and women, who could not get a job offer for the Tokyo Olympics due to the host country frame, were scheduled to participate.

The final qualifying round in the world was the last chance for these five players because they couldn't get a place in the Asia-Oceania qualifying round last March and couldn't get a job offer in the host country.

The men who were scheduled to participate were featherweight Shunto Tsutsumi and light heavyweight Ren Umemura, and women's lightweight Saya Hamamoto, welterweight Mai Kito, and middleweight Arisa Tsubata. ..

On the other hand, so far, six Japanese players, both male and female, have been nominated as representatives in the Asian / Oceania qualifying rounds and the host country.

The men are in the 4th class, with welterweight Seon Okazawa winning the Asian / Oceania qualifiers, and in the three host country slots, flyweight Ryoaki Tanaka, lightweight Daisuke Narimatsu, and middleweight. Moriwaki Yuito has been nominated as a representative.

For women, Tsukimi Namiki (flyweight) and Sena Irie (featherweight) won the qualifying slots in Asia / Oceania, and were the first Japanese women to be nominated for the Olympics.