Therese Johaug was too strong but behind that there were double Swedish medals when Frida Karlsson was second and Ebba Andersson took the bronze.

It was Andersson's first individual medal at a World Cup.

Her father Per-Ola Andersson was interviewed in Vinterstudion shortly after the race.

- It was fantastic, he says about the medal and says that it was hard to follow the race from home.

"Finally a medal"

- It has been quite hard actually, it is harder to sit at home than on the spot.

I have been very nervous today, which I normally am not.

But I understood that it would be something good because everything has gone well with training, but it should go to port as well, but finally a medal, says a noticeably moved Per-Ola.

Now he hopes that there will be even more medals at the World Cup

- It will be more of a calm, it will be a big difference when you start by winning a medal.

Then you have that medal and then maybe there will be more, he says.

Ebba Andersson about her father's support:

- He means an incredible deal to me, says Andersson.