In the domestic table tennis league, the T-League, the men's playoffs and finals were held, and Ryukyu Asteeda won the first victory by defeating Kinoshita Meister Tokyo, who aimed for the third straight victory.

The T-League was held for the first time in two years after the playoff final was canceled last season due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

In the men's final held in Tachikawa, Tokyo on the 26th, Kinoshita Meister Tokyo, who ranked first in the regular season, and Ryukyu Asteeda, who ranked second, played against each other.

Ryukyu won the doubles in the first game, and 19-year-old Shunsuke Togami played against Yuya Oshima in Tokyo in the singles in the second game.

In the final fifth game, Togami took the initiative with a strong backhand and took the initiative 11 to 8 and won the game with a game count of 3 to 2.

In the third match of the singles, the captain played the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and Maharu Yoshimura, who won the silver medal in the men's team, played against Mizuki Oikawa, who won the All Japan Championship.

This game was also entangled until the final game, but Yoshimura took it 11 to 7 and won 3 to 2 by deciding his favorite serve in the game.

Ryukyu won the first victory in the third season with a 3-0 straight victory over Tokyo.

Yoshimura said, "Last season, the final was not held due to the influence of the new corona virus, and it was a sunny stage for over a year. I am very happy and happy to win the final. It is the strength of Ryukyu that anyone can win. I think it's the best team, "he said with tears.

In Tokyo, where he aimed for the third straight victory, captain Jun Mizutani was unable to participate due to a neck injury, and ace Tomokazu Harimoto was scheduled to participate in the singles of the fourth game, but he lost without a turn.