On the 25th, pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of the Major League Baseball Mariners practiced pitching in a practical manner for the first time at the camp, keeping the team's main players to no hits and taking four strikeouts.

Mariners pitcher Kikuchi practiced pitching for the first time at a camp in Arizona on the 25th.

Pitcher Kikuchi played seven at-bats with the team's three main right-handed batters, including the American League rookie king Lewis and Haniger last season, and threw 37 balls to a no-hitter.

While watching over Hisashi Iwakuma, a specially appointed coach of the team, pitcher Kikuchi took four strikeouts with a straight and cut ball, and broke the bat with a powerful ball. I appealed the adjustment.

According to the team, the fastest ball speed was 96 miles = 154.5 km.

After practicing, pitcher Kikuchi responded to a face-to-face interview for the first time at this camp, saying, "It was very good for the first day of the actual battle format, and it was thrown smoothly without any problems. There were places where the count was bad, but the intention was I'm glad I was thrown a ball, "he said.

In addition, Mr. Iwakuma also evaluated, "I had power straight and I was able to show what I had done with a bullpen. I think I was thrown with a good feeling."