Jonna Sundling's boyfriend, Anton Olofsson, followed the World Cup final from during a long lunch at work.

- It is very fun of course, you feel above all a pride in her.

It feels like you are still walking on pink clouds, you will do that for a while now, says Anton Olofsson to SVT Sport.

- I actually talked to her recently, I think it is difficult for her to take in everything, says Anton Olofsson.

The world champion's father, Stefan Sundling, is proud of his daughter's achievement.

- It is not possible to keep the tears away.

You are still shaking.

This means a lot, it's a confirmation of many hours of work.

She has been doing this for 16 years now, says Stefan Sundling to SVT Sport.

ARCHIVE: See Jonna Sundling's gold race in the World Cup sprint (February 25)

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See Jonna Sundling's gold race in the WC sprint Photo: TT