On the 25th, professional baseball and Softbank played a practice game with Lotte in Miyazaki City, and pitchers Shota Takeda and Kotaro Otake, who are aiming to enter the opening rotation, pitched well.

Pitcher Takeda, who is in his 10th year, did not achieve the results he expected, such as only two wins last season, and his goal is to start the game with one army throughout the season.

Pitcher Takeda, who started in the practice game on the 25th, took a strike on a curve that staggered the timing of the batter, and even pitched on a straight, which became more powerful at the camp, hit three times with one hit and no runs.

Pitcher Takeda vowed to grow further, saying, "Today's pitching was good overall. I want to strengthen the momentum of the straight while being able to freely control the curve of my lifeline."

On the other hand, pitcher Otake, who has been pitching from the 5th inning for the 4th year, appealed his sense of stability by hitting 2 in 3 innings with a good rhythm and keeping no runs.

Pitcher Otake expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I was nervous at the start, but I was able to throw where I wanted in the second half. I want to continue pitching with a good rhythm and tempo that makes me want to leave the game."