Ke Jie is in the game.

Photo courtesy of China Go Association

  China News Service, February 25th. On the 25th, the 13th round of the 22nd Nongshim Cup World Go Team Championship was played online. The Chinese team leader Ke Jie was the last hope of the team and eventually lost to the South Korean team’s deputy Shin Jin. The latter helped South Korea win the championship for the 13th time with a wave of five consecutive victories.

  The World Go Team Championship represents the highest level of team competition in the world, and its importance needless to say.

In the last game, Ke Jie, the main player of the Chinese team, beat South Korean main player Park Tinghuan in the ultimate contest and helped the Chinese team win the championship.

  At the final stage of this tournament, China, Japan, and South Korea each had two players left: Ke Jie and Yang Dingxin from the Chinese team, Shin Zhenren and Park Tinghuan from the South Korean team, and Yuta Jingshan and Yi Liliao from the Japanese team.

  In the 11th game on the 23rd, the Chinese team's deputy coach Yang Dingxin lost to Shen Zhenzhen in the lead, and Ke Jie became the last hope of the Chinese team.

In August last year, in the final match of the 21st Nongshim Cup, Ke Jie withstood huge pressure and defeated South Korean player Park Ting-hwan in the middle of the game, helping the Chinese team win the Nongshim Cup for the eighth time.

  Today, however, Ke Jie regretted not being able to continue writing the classics. He lost in a head-on confrontation with Shen Zhenzhen.

As the defending champion, the Chinese team originally intended to win three consecutive championships, but eventually missed the championship.