• Laporta. Campaigns in front of the Bernabéu: "You want to see you again"

Joan Laporta signed a complete coup with

a huge banner, the size of an entire building

, located not many meters from the Bernabéu.

And now, Toni Freixa, also a candidate for the Barça presidency, has wanted to find a similar trigger.

On a smaller scale, but with much more aggressive messages than the "Willing to see you again" that the former Barcelona leader wielded and pointing, fundamentally, in two directions: Laporta himself and Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid.

When the race for the Barça presidential elections is practically in the final stretch, Freixa has decided to launch a campaign with very direct messages.

The underlying idea is to

exploit rejection


In this case, both towards the figure of Laporta and that of Florentino.

Víctor Font, third in contention in the elections to be held on March 7, is not, at least for now, among his targets.

And, of the two, Laporta is the one who is focusing his attention the most.

"It seems that in the debates they are making me Luz de Gas"

, reads, in Catalan, one of the advertising posters that can be seen in Barcelona.

The reference, in this case, charges against the former president's refusals to participate in debates and plays with the name of the nightclub in which he was most frequently seen to celebrate triumphs and which even gave him its facilities to collect firms.

"Well, today is a good day to go to Reus for breakfast, don't you think?"

, points out in another of the posters with Laporta as the target of his hints.

The reference, in this case, is the very delicate situation in which Reus, a modest Catalan football team, was left after Joan Oliver, executive general director of Barça during his presidency, briefly took over its management.

Something that Laporta, on the other hand, has always vehemently disassociated himself from.

But, if Laporta has in principle more prominence in his messages, the most aggressive of them focuses, instead, on the figure of Florentino Pérez.

"I will not allow the VARentino to control the League,"

says another of Freixa's posters.

In his speeches in some media, and also through his social networks, he has always been especially belligerent when denouncing supposed arbitration favors towards the eternal rival of the Catalans.

And now, in the middle of the campaign to become president of Barça, he also does not hesitate to resort to this weapon to try to shoot the options of his candidacy.

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