The 30 fastest riders in the qualifiers went on to the quarterfinals.

But it was not very quick to find out which skiers they were.

The reason was a technical error on the part of the organizers, which meant that the times were not registered with about ten skiers.

"A debacle"

When Oskar Svensson was in 26th place, and Anton Persson in 28th, all of a sudden it went on for a while without new skiers being registered.

- It is a debacle, stated SVT Sports commentator Jacob Hård, who together with expert Anders Blomquist.

Software was restarted

After a while, however, all times could be registered, and both Svensson and Persson could breathe a sigh of relief and state that they went on.

According to an official, with whom Aftonbladet has been in contact, the delay was due to a problem with the company that delivers the timing to the German organizers.

- They have to restart the software, says the official.

SVT Sport is looking for responsible people for a comment.