It has been talked about on the Internet that Naomi Osaka, who won the Australian Open in tennis, had a talisman for a shrine in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and there have been a series of requests for the shrine to get a talisman.

At Shirasaki Hachimangu in Iwakuni City, we carry amulets with the wish to overcome things such as sports and studying for entrance exams.

From the characters "Shirasaki Hachimangu" and the design with the white tiger, it became a hot topic on the Internet as if it was a talisman that Osaka had attached to his racket bag at the Australian Open.

According to the shrine, since February 21st, after Mr. Osaka won the championship, there have been a series of inquiries from people visiting for amulets and via the Internet, and by the 24th, there have been about 5,000 inquiries.

This is unprecedented, and it is expected that the request will be available in April.

A man in his 70s from Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, said, "I've been hoping for a victory because my grandson will be in the Spring Senbatsu at Hiroshima Shinjo High School, but I'm sorry I couldn't get it."

Hiroshi Yamazuka of Shirasaki Hachimangu Shrine said, "This is a shrine that has been around since the Kamakura period, but I'm surprised that this is also a trend of the times. I hope Osaka will continue to wear amulets and do his best."