Ichiro Suzuki, an instructor of the Mariners of Major League Baseball, participated in the overall practice of the camp that started on the 23rd, and supported the players by throwing and hitting with light movements just like in the active days.

47-year-old Ichiro was an instructor for the team after retiring from active duty, and participated in the Mariners camp general practice that began on the 23rd when the field team joined.

Wearing a black mask in a windbreaker, Ichiro played catch with a young player, then knocked in defensive practice to hit goro and fly, and also served as a batting practice pitcher.

At this year's Major League Baseball camp, coaches and staff were obliged to wear masks while practicing as a countermeasure against infection, and they jokingly spilled that they would "take a breath", but after throwing, they picked up the ball in the outfield. I entered and energetically supported the practice with the light movements just like when I was active.

In addition, Hisashi Iwakuma, who has been a special coach of the Mariners since this season, watched over the practice of pitcher Yusei Kikuchi and sent advice.

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo of Rays, who has entered the second year of the major league, participated in the overall practice of the camp in Florida that started from this day and practiced batting.

Padres pitcher Yu Darvish entered the bullpen for the first time in two days and threw 17 balls under the watchful eye of Hideo Nomo, a team adviser.

After the practice, we saw two people talking about forkball, and it seemed that the adjustment was proceeding smoothly.