leaves this Madrid decimated and low on goal one step away from the quarters.

First, it appeased the effluvia of Atalanta, by causing a severe expulsion, and then relieved Madrid of its drought with the most unexpected goal.

In the desolate landscape of the Champions League for the Spanish, the men of ZZ are the only castaways who find an islet.


did not think of Mendy when solving goal sudoku.

He started with



, who looks more like





The comparisons are odious, but the French is distinguished more by the association than the goal, whatever they say, and Isco is association or he is nothing.

For some time now, it has been the second, outside the team because it has been disconnected, apart from specific injuries.

Quality, however, is an instant, and it is what the Malaga player needed to invent a pass to


, who ruined the occasion when he was alone, in front of



Isco's problem, regardless of the state of form, short, was the position.

His is the playmaker, not the 'false nine', but neither the player nor Madrid are there to ask for the wine list and get exquisite.

With what there is, table wine, it is necessary to push without looking back.

To the bench, either, said it is from the respect for the young people who arrive.

The Malaga player moved into an area with little space at the start of the crash, since the Atalanta center line defends forward and reduces the space very well.



team is commendable

, which has been like blasting a 'rock and roll' on a gondola.

However, it is the culture of all the calcium that is changing, because Italy needed to do so to regain its hierarchy in Europe beyond Juve.

It is on the way.



nurtures offensive transitions, with long lanes and many players in the three quarters, where the really deadly decisions are made.

However, it has its risks: the spaces that are left behind.

A mistake is imminent danger.

I pass.

Gasperini's roadmap was blurred too early, when Mendy got the upper hand to exploit his speed.


brought him down and referee


did not hesitate to show the Atalanta player the red card.

The decision was severe, since it was difficult to determine that it was a very clear chance of scoring, but the knockdown was unquestionable.

The VAR did not enter, because those actions correspond to the interpretation of the referee.

It was similar to the one that cost



against Levante, in Valdebebas, also with controversy.

So with less voluntariness on the part of the defender, but with a little more verticality.

The referee rules, like it or not.

Madrid had responded with intensity to the high pace of play proposed by Atalanta, which attacks as if it were doing it in waves, but the expulsion tempered the frequency, although not the ambitions.

The inferiority was added, after half an hour, the injury of one of its key pieces in the attack,



Former Sevilla player


had to multiply and, despite his deployment, had to leave the pitch at the hour, exhausted.

Gasperini rebuilt his team after the expulsion in a 3-4-2, but without changing his movements in the deployment.

The change was in the initiative, which from that moment would correspond to Madrid, with


everywhere, fireproof, which allowed


to take a step forward

, who had two occasions, before and after the break.



and, especially,


, whose shot at point-blank range




with his chest, took Atalanta to the wall at the end of the first period, but without




de grace.

It was evident that the second half was going to be a continuity, with the Italian team more withdrawn in their area when they did not have possession, which was going to be most of the time.

In the swarm, Madrid needed to increase the punch, so ZZ called Mariano.

There wasn't much else.

Vinicius was the one sacrificed.

The Brazilian had been active, more sparkling than decisive.

When it could be, his ball went through the roof.

On the opposite band,


lacked daring, inward diagonals.

The Balearic Islands need to break to become a creditor of the treasure that is Madrid's right wing.

He ended up sitting while

Hugo Duro



jumped to give Madrid air.

The rest was given by Mendy, finding the parable of survival from outside the area.

The return awaits an Atalanta with an open grave and without Casemiro, but with a treasure trapped in Bergamo an antidive.

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