On the 24th, IOC President Bach of the International Olympic Committee welcomed the appointment of Seiko Hashimoto, the new president of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, who attended the board meeting on the 24th.

He also clarified the idea that the end of April is appropriate for deciding whether to accept foreign tourists at the Tokyo Games.

The IOC held an online board meeting on the 24th, and new chairman Hashimoto also participated as a representative of the Tokyo Organizing Committee and explained the preparations for the tournament to the board members.

After the board meeting, IOC President Bach welcomed his appointment, saying, "Chairman Hashimoto was highly regarded as a former Olympian and a former minister with a wealth of political experience."

He added, "As a strategic priority, we emphasized the focus on safe competition, gender equality, and legacy. This is in perfect agreement with our vision of delivering a safe and secure competition to everyone. He expressed his hope for the preparations for the tournament under the new chairman Hashimoto.

At the press conference, the director of the Olympic Games, Dubi, said, "I think the end of April is the right time," regarding the timing of deciding whether to accept foreign tourists at the Tokyo Games, and the audience is domestic and overseas. We have made it clear that we may make decisions in stages.

Also this month, it was revealed that about 150 athletes had inquiries such as questions about the guideline "Playbook" that summarizes the measures to prevent infection of the new coronavirus jointly announced by the Organizing Committee and the IOC. The planned second edition has set out a policy of showing more specialized and concrete measures specific to sports.

Chairman Hashimoto: The idea of ​​holding a regular press conference once a week

After the IOC Executive Board, Chairman Hashimoto of the Organizing Committee revealed to the press that he would hold a regular press conference for the media once a week to strengthen the information dissemination of the Organizing Committee.

Chairman Hashimoto has shown at the IOC Executive Board three of his priority measures: measures against corona, which is the most important issue, promotion of gender equality, and succession of the Tokyo model to the future based on the postponement of the Games. We plan to specifically disseminate these efforts at regular press conferences.

Until now, former Chairman Mori and other executives of the Organizing Committee have not held regular press conferences.

Chairman Hashimoto also expressed his intention to create opportunities to interact with athletes, tournament officials, and younger generations online.

Chairman Hashimoto said, "I would like you to be confident that the tournament will be possible if you communicate well to all people in Japan and overseas. There are corona measures and there are problems with the audience. From each person concerned It is necessary to send information every day so that it will be a trusted Tokyo tournament, "he emphasized the importance of sending information.