There is only less than one year left before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and all preparations have entered a full sprint stage.

From February 14th to 27th, the State Grid conducted the first round of large-scale simulation exercises for the power guarantee work in the Zhangjiakou competition area to further accumulate experience and ensure the safety of electricity use for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

  On February 19th, the National Ski Jumping Center held the National Ski Jumping Invitational. The venues conducted a full system and all-element power test.

Since most of the ski jumping competitions are held at night, the electricity load of the venue is mainly lighting, heating and audio and video equipment.

During the competition, the maximum load will exceed 2,000 kilowatts, which is equivalent to more than 2,700 1-hp air conditioners being turned on at the same time.

Duan Xuesong, deputy general manager of the State Grid Zhangjiakou Power Supply Company:

There will be no power outage after any power supply fails, and emergency repair teams are also configured to be on standby at all times, and the stadium power supply is restored to the dual-circuit power supply mode.

In addition, the most important equipment in the competition venues are audio and video equipment and timing and scoring devices, and power is never allowed.

We have configured ATS automatic switchers and UPS power supplies for these electrical equipment, which can achieve zero-second switching and achieve true non-stop power.

  According to the equipment characteristics, power load requirements and power security job responsibilities of each venue, the team scientifically compiled the venue power security manual and job security plan, which are called "one hall, one book" and "one job, one case."

Li Guowu, deputy director of the National Grid Jibei Power Winter Olympics Office:

As long as the power security personnel have a copy in their hands, they can fully understand the information on the power protection of the venues and can quickly deal with emergencies.

Through the actual combat of power protection, we will further adapt the working mechanism, train the support team, and inspect the equipment configuration to lay a solid foundation for fully guaranteeing the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.