The Orange women go Wednesday in Venlo for the first victory over Germany in 21 years.

National coach Sarina Wiegman sees the encounter with the two-time world champion as an optimal test towards the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer.

"When was the last time we won against Germany? Is that that match in 2000? Then I was still participating", Wiegman said on Tuesday at the Orange press in the run-up to the game in De Koel.

104-time international Wiegman was indeed in the field when the Netherlands won 2-0 in March 2000 by goals from Miranda Noom and Liesbeth Migchelsen.

Since then, they have lost seven times to Germany and drawn twice.

"It would be nice if we win again", Wiegman continued.

"But we always want that, regardless of the past."

The poor balance against the German team can be explained by the fact that our eastern neighbors have been among the absolute top of international women's football for years, while the Netherlands only found the connection in recent years.

"In the last World Cup and European Championship, Germany only reached the quarter-finals, but they have always been world top," said Wiegman about the number two in the FIFA ranking.

"Now also. With our players you may see the technical aspects a bit more than with the Germans, but they are. They are technical, strong and stiff. This is very challenging for us."

The Orange was far too strong for Belgium on Thursday.

The Orange was far too strong for Belgium on Thursday.

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'Some change in setup'

Last Thursday, the Dutch also awaited a good test towards Tokyo.

Wiegman's team practiced against the Belgians in Brussels, but they were unexpectedly easily put aside with 1-6.

"Belgium couldn't get the organization in order," said Wiegman.

"And when they finally got it in order, we had already destroyed them. Hopefully we can show that again against Germany, but that is not easy. I hope that we can also play against such an absolute top country under pressure. and create many opportunities. "

Wiegman has almost the same selection as against Belgium.

Only reserve keeper Loes Geurts is injured and replaced by Barbara Lorsheyd.

"We're not going to change a lot in the line-up either, but a few changes."

The Netherlands-Germany starts on Thursday at 6.30 pm in De Koel and is led by Belgian referee Viki De Cremer.