Last season, the 24-year-old dominated the 400 m hurdles in total and recorded the world's second best time, 46.87, at the Diamond League gala at Stockholm Stadium.

He was just 0.09 from Kevin Young's world record from the 1992 Olympic final in Barcelona.

The Norwegian recorded the six fastest times in the 400 meter hurdles last season.

Warholm would have liked to defend his title in the 400-meter plain, but he does not dare travel to Torun in central Poland due to the contagion situation during the pandemic in Europe.

Think the Olympics will be over

- If I or Leif Olav Alnes get sick, it could be the end of my career or the last for my dear old coach, Warholm says in the social media Clubhouse according to NRK.

Warholm, who did not compete indoors this winter, feels optimistic that the Olympics in Tokyo can be held in five months.

- If the vaccine comes in place, it would mean that it is a nine on a ten-point scale that the Olympics will be over, Warholm says.

ARCHIVE: Warholm's super race - second fastest of all time (23 August 2020)

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Warholm's super race - second fastest of all time