Karlsruher SC won the last game and now has 25 points in their books.

In the first leg, SV Darmstadt 98 was ahead of the game and celebrated a narrow 4-3 victory.

The team from Hessen shows great quality in the offensive with 27 goals scored.

In the defense, which conceded 30 goals, there is potential for improvement.

Darmstadt has not yet found the form at home: The eight points from seven games are a result that could be improved.

The hosts are currently in 14th place, so they still have the opportunity to move up in the table.

The team from Markus Anfang struggled with winning recently.

There was not one victory in three games.

At Karlsruhe, the defense was always shaky in the face of 25 goals conceded.

However, the offensive also hit the opponent's goal (29).

After 16 matches, the guests have eight wins, one draw and seven defeats.

Nine points from the last five encounters represent a reasonable yield for the team of coach Christian Eichner.


The KSC has not been able to attest a lazy pace in the season so far.

45 yellow cards show that the Karlsruher SC did not act squeamishly.

The SVD is not the favorite on paper, but secretly they are hoping for something that can be counted.

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