"It collided with a drilling ship and capsized twice and consumed a lot of peanut butter, visits by dolphins and world records." This is a brief description of the 21-year-old British girl Jasmine Harrison of her past 70 days.

  In mid-January, Jesmin Harrison, a part-time swimming coach and bartender, has been drifting at sea for nearly 50 days.

  By then, the 21-year-old British girl had traveled 1,600 miles alone on the perilous Atlantic Ocean.

However, this is about half the distance from the goal of her trip.

If she can continue forward at a speed of 60 miles a day in the second half of the journey, she will become the youngest woman in the world to complete the feat of crossing the Atlantic on this route.

  In 2018, Jesmin was exposed to this challenge at the English Harbour on Antigua.

Not only satisfied with watching the game, she had a bold idea of ​​trying it out in her mind.

  At the time, the English Harbour was just one stop for Jasmine on a sailing trip.

A few months later, while traveling in Europe, Jesmin made up his mind to participate in this challenge.

"Especially when I had the opportunity to be the youngest woman to complete this challenge, I decided to try and inspire more young people."

  "The more fear, the more achievements you can achieve." Jasmine said.

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  And at 10 o'clock in the morning local time last Saturday, Jesmin did it all when she was alone in the small boat that accompanied her for 70 days, carrying fireworks and the national flag into the destination English Harbour.

  According to British media reports, Harrison, who was only 21 years old, departed from the Canary Islands in Spain in December 2020 and finally arrived in Antigua in the Caribbean Sea in 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes.

  After arriving in the Caribbean, Harrison described the experience as an "surprising journey" and "this is everything I want."

Jasmine became the youngest woman in the world to cross this route

  Jesmin called this unimaginable journey for ordinary people a mixture of "good things and bad things". She enjoyed this life away from daily life.

  "There is nothing like this journey that can take me away from everything in my regular life, social media, bad news or even the new crown virus." Harrison said.

  Although she is alone, her challenge journey is not boring.

During the voyage, she alternated between rowing and resting every two hours, and she did not just rush to pursue the record: "If it is raining outside when I wake up, I will not go out rowing. I can do what I like. ."

Jasmine selfie at sea

  She recalled that sometimes she would row for 12 hours in a row, and then rush to take a short rest and stretch at sunset, eat something, clean the boat, take a nap, and then continue rowing under the stars.

  Although isolated from the world, she is not alone in this journey. She can talk to her mother via satellite phone, and even update social media from time to time to share the scenery of her journey.

  Along the way, she has met all kinds of wild animals unexpectedly-whales, patterned marlins, trigger fish and so on.

There was also a dolphin walking with her, swimming up and down the boat to accompany her.

"I'm in their environment, so I need to be friendly. It's amazing, I love animals. I hope people can see what I see in ten years. It's really incredible."

  According to the report, Jesmin’s record-breaking feat has raised more than 10,000 pounds for charity, which will be donated to foundations against overfishing and organizations that provide relief to people affected by natural disasters.

Jesmin photographed the dolphin who accompanied her

  Before getting a happy ending, Jasmine overcame severe tests.

She recalled that two days before crossing the finish line, she had experienced a boat capsize. The boat capsized and drifted for a long distance. She also injured her elbow in the process.

  "I was basically thrown on the wall at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour. It hurts, especially when you suddenly experience all this in your sleep," she said.

  Fortunately, Jasmine, who finally surpassed all of this, made history as he wished.

Before her, the youngest woman to complete this journey was Katie Spotz, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from east to west in 2010 at the age of 22.

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  Now Jesmin Harrison's name and her 21-year-old age have become a new benchmark on this journey.

  When asked what she expects most after setting foot on land, she replied: "Food is definitely food."

  Jasmin revealed that during long-distance travel, she did not choose the rations that people usually carry, but instead relied on biscuits and chocolate for a living.

She smiled and said, "I think I ate 40 kilos of chocolate."

Jasmine's itinerary

  Of course this is just a joke.

She missed her family, her dog, cold drinks, and music.

The music player that accompanied her fell into the water in an impact accident. Since then, she has not listened to her favorite British rock band for a long time.

Fortunately, compared to the lost player, she gained more on the road.

  "I want to inspire young people to go out and do something, whether it's changing the world or just doing something outside of their comfort zone."