Marit Björgen is one of Norway's foremost skiers ever.

She managed, among other things, eight Olympic golds, 18 World Cup golds and four World Cup victories before ending her career in 2018.

Now she has finished with a new assignment.

During the upcoming World Ski Championships, she will become an expert in Norwegian TV2.

- There will be a lot of commitment, feelings, opinions, nervousness and probably also a little frustration from me, she says to TV2.

Believes in great Norwegian success

Norway is the favorite tipped before the championship and Björgen also believes in his home country.

- Norway takes seven gold, she says.

Björgen will not comment on the competitions themselves but will comment on the events that have been in TV2's studio broadcast.

After her career, she has made an investment as a long-distance skier.

However, she has not yet been able to compete because she forgot to sign up for the Adams program (where practitioners fill in where they are to submit to unannounced doping tests).

The hope is that she will make a comeback in the Vasaloppet which runs on March 7.

ARCHIVE: Marit Björgen makes a comeback (May 26)

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Björgen makes a comeback in the Vasaloppet Photo: NRK / BILDBYRÅN