Frölunda is in a difficult period with four straight losses behind it.

Now it is clear that you also have to do without Lucas Raymond who has accounted for six goals and 12 assists this season.

Frölunda talent will miss several weeks of play when he is forced to have surgery.

- He will make a minor operation on his elbow, where he has an old injury.

It has released some bone fragments if we are to be specific.

In the best of worlds, there is a four-week absence, says Roger Rönnberg to GP.

Raymond himself hopes to be back before the season is over.

- If everything goes well, the hope is that I will return this season, but it remains to be seen, he says.

But Steve Yzerman, Detroit's general manager who drafted Lucas Raymond, tells that it will be eight weeks before Raymond returns.

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David Rautio and Niko Ojamäki.

Photo: Bildbyrån