It is the first time in 24 years that Hammarby misses the playoffs.

Forslund got hold of the ball that bounced past Hammarby goalkeeper Filip Mörkdal's fingers.

- He did not get the ball in order and then it slid down in front of his feet, Forslund says to Aftonbladet Play.

Saik led all the time but Hammarby came back all the time but never got time after the 8-7 goal.

- It was a strange second half.

We score goals and they scored right after and we never got rid of them.

They were hotter than us in the second half.

It happened a little too much and we never got control of the ball.

It must get better in the playoffs, Forslund sums up.

After the first half, Hammarby was down 3-0 in Sandviken.

Then a crackling second act took over.

Before even five minutes were played, the former Saik player, the icon Daniel Mossberg, scored 3-3 and then Hammarby had a place in the quarterfinals ready, as Broberg led at home against Motala.

A couple of minutes later, Rasmus Forslund ran through on the left wing and put 4-3 for Sandviken and Hammarby was again outside the playoffs.

Before the speaker even had time to shout out Forslund, Mossberg firmly stepped through on the left wing and banked in 4-4 from a narrow angle.

A few minutes later, Lucas Widman cut in 5-4 for Sandviken after the Bajen players did not dare to go too hard in the penalty area.

A minute later, Robin Sundin pulled in 5-5 on a corner.

Mossberg talked about an expulsion with a quarter left and instead of becoming one more man on the field for Hammarby, it was the same number when Hannaes Edlund pulled in 6-5 on penalties, which came after great negligence in Hammarby's penalty area.

In the same match minute, Christoffer Fagerström pulled in 6-6 on half volley.

A minute later, Rasmus Forslund was released on the left wing and pulled in 7-6 for Sandviken.