Beach volleyball players who participate in the World Tour tournament in the Qatari capital Doha in March are still allowed to play in their normal outfit.

The bikini ban, which was discussed earlier, has been canceled.

"The Qatar union has confirmed that there are no restrictions on the outfits of female players," the international volleyball association FIVB reported on Tuesday evening.

The first beach volleyball tournament in months is scheduled for March 8-12.

The FIVB had initially conducted research among players into the willingness to change their clothing.

Most had no problem with that.

Although there was also opposition, the international volleyball association decided that a women's beach volleyball tournament would take place in Qatar for the first time.

"The FIVB believes that women's beach volleyball should be judged by performance and effort, and not by clothing. Therefore, players should be able to play in their normal outfit if they request it," the FIVB said now.

The Dutch duo Madelein Meppelink / Sanne Keizer previously announced that they had no trouble playing down to the knee in a shirt and pants.

The German couple Karla Borger / Julia Sude, on the other hand, decided not to travel to Doha.