Sang-ha Park, a professional volleyball player from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, retired after acknowledging some facts about the recent allegations of school violence.

At first, he completely denied participation in violence, but eventually lowered his head.

On the 19th, when his real name was revealed, and when the controversy over school violence arose, Samsung Fire's player Park Sang-ha, who strongly denied it was unfounded, belatedly admitted to school violence.

Park Sang-ha bowed his head, saying, "I apologize to those injured, and sincerely apologize," saying that he once assaulted friends and juniors in middle school and high school.

At the same time, he declared retirement, saying that he would take responsibility for his wrongdoing.

However, he added that there was no confinement and 14-hour group assault that were filed over the Internet, and that he would reveal the facts through legal response.

[Samsung Fire & Marine Volleyball Team Official: Park Sang-ha is expressing resentment for the part posted on the Internet bulletin board.] The

volleyball industry is also reveling in the fact that Park Sang-ha, who served as the national team after Sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young and Song Myung-geun, was revealed. I was in shock again.


Meanwhile, Park Jin-woo, the KB Insurance Center for the men's professional volleyball team, was confirmed as Corona 19.

Park Jin-woo felt high fever yesterday morning (22nd) and was tested positive. As a result, the men's league is expected to be suspended for two weeks.

On the other hand, women who have no possibility of contact with the confirmed case are known to plan to meet the normal schedule.