Lawyer Dolf Segaar is hopeful that the international sports tribunal CAS Ajax goalkeeper André Onana will impose a lower doping sentence than twelve months.

Segaar thinks there are enough leads.

"I think acquittal will be difficult," said Segaar, who defends Onana together with his Spanish colleague Javier Ferrero.

"But if we didn't see any possibilities, we wouldn't start."

Onana tested positive for the banned substance furosemide on October 30 last year in an out-of-competition check.

At the beginning of this year, Segaar tried, together with the keeper, to convince UEFA through a video connection that it was a major misunderstanding.

24-year-old Onana said he wanted to take an aspirin and accidentally took a drug that was intended for his girlfriend.

The packaging was almost identical and he was very sorry.

"UEFA has gone along with that," says Segaar.

"Because otherwise he would have been suspended for four years. I hear people say that one year is not too bad, because he has his own responsibility and has been negligent. But we want to get the suspension down."


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'CAS will look at three categories'

Segaar knows examples of cyclists and tennis players who have been more mildly punished for similar offenses.

"But UEFA is a different association than, for example, the UCI cycling union", he says.

"At the CAS they will look at three categories. For minor carelessness, a penalty of zero to eight months. An average degree of carelessness means eight to sixteen months. And with a significant degree of carelessness you will be between sixteen and eight months. 24 months out. We'll go for slight carelessness. "

Segaar does not yet want to say how he wants to get CAS Onana to scale in that lowest category.

"It does not seem right to me that I will make my plea through the press," said the lawyer, who has experience with doping cases.

"I have been chairman of the doping authority and also served on the disciplinary panel for doping cases at the international bobsleigh association."

Dolf Segaar assisted SC Cambuur and De Graafschap last year when those clubs wanted to enforce promotion on legal grounds.

Dolf Segaar assisted SC Cambuur and De Graafschap last year when those clubs wanted to enforce promotion on legal grounds.

Photo: Pro Shots

'We also look at urgent arbitration'

Segaar expects a ruling before the summer.

"Although we also look at emergency arbitration, but for that UEFA must also cooperate," said the counsel, who is happy with the support that Onana has received from the international players' union FIFPRO.

He called the penalty "excessive" and does not understand why the keeper is not even allowed to train with Ajax.

"It is nice when public opinion turns to Onana, but the arbitrators at the CAS still look at the case in their own way. But they are also different arbitrators than at UEFA. We will see."

Earlier on Monday, an Ajax spokesperson told

De Telegraaf

that the club will definitely go to CAS.

It is not yet known exactly when the case will serve.

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