The joint practice of sumo wrestling began in Tokyo, and Yokozuna Kakuryu, who is determined to move forward and backward in the spring of next month, practiced sumo wrestling and sweated vigorously from the first day.

Next month, the Japan Sumo Association has begun joint training with wrestlers from other rooms for the spring event at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Ryogoku.

On the 200th of the first day, 12 Sekitori people such as Yokozuna Tsururyu and Ozeki Asanoyama gathered at the sumo training school in the venue Kokugikan.

Tsururyu, who has been closed for four consecutive places due to back injuries, has shown his readiness to move forward and backward in the spring, and after carefully moving his body with a stubbornness, he nominates Koyui Mitakeumi. I practiced sumo wrestling.

On the ring, the first and the most, I took a turn from a low witness to check the feel, went forward, won all the wins such as winning 15 out of 16 with "close-up", and I was sweating with a fulfilling appearance. It was.

Tsururyu participated in the joint training following the previous place, but it was the first time to enter the ring and take sumo wrestling, "I'm doing well so far, so I want to keep going. I hope my body will be healthy. I've been here for a long time, but I'm finally getting better. I want to go into the ring and practice after tomorrow. "

In addition, Takayasu Koyui, who had the first child, was 14 wins and 1 loss against Akira and Meisei in the flat curtain.

Takayasu said, "I feel strongly that I can't retire. I want to do my best for my family."