The Dutch basketball players qualified for a European Championship for the first time in seven years on Saturday.

The Orange won the penultimate qualifying match in Croatia (57-65) and is therefore certain of participating in next year's European title match.

The Netherlands was still behind in Istanbul at half time (35-27) but managed to turn it into a small lead (48-49) in the third quarter and eventually won with an eight point difference.

Yannick Franke was the big man with fifteen points.

The team of Italian national coach Maurizio Buscaglia is sure of second place in group D with one group match to go. The numbers one, two and three qualify for the European Championship of 2022, which will be held in Germany, the Czech Republic, Georgia and Italy .

The Netherlands, which missed the first chance to qualify at the end of November, played for the last time at the European Championship in 2015.

That was the first time in 26 years.

After one win, the Dutch finished in 25th place.

The Netherlands will close the European Championship qualifying series against Sweden at the bottom on Monday.

Worthy de Jong will probably be there again.

The star player was kept aside by Buscaglia as a precaution against the already placed Croatia.

The qualification of the basketball players follows two weeks after the missed European Championship placement of the Dutch basketball players.

The team of national coach Hakim Salem lost to Slovakia and with that, 31 years after the last participation, next to the European Championship ticket.