On the 18th, pitcher Yu Darvish of Major League Baseball Padres entered the bullpen for the first time in the camp and practiced pitching.

Pitcher Darvish won the Cubs eight wins last season and became the first Japanese player to win the most, and then traded off to the Padres to celebrate his tenth year in the Major League Baseball.

On the 18th, the second day of the battery group camp in Arizona, he entered the bullpen for the first time and threw about 30 balls, including a changing ball.

Darvish, who met after the practice, self-evaluated the bullpen pitching, saying, "I've been a little tired since I came to Arizona and I wasn't good at controlling it, but I got about 60 points."

Padres is actively reinforcing this off, and he has one of the best starting pitchers in the major leagues, saying, "Even if you look at the catch ball, everyone is throwing a great ball. You have to make sure you don't leave it. I want to learn from the pitcher, "he seemed to be inspired by the high level.

Darvish, who controls a variety of changing balls, said about the theme of this camp, "I'm looking forward to trying out new small change sliders and vertically falling two seams to batters," and is trying to increase the number of ball types. I revealed that.

He said, "I'm not worried at all because the cut balls, sliders, and curves are very good except for straights," he said with confidence in future adjustments.