Tjejvasan: Saturday 27 February at 08.45.

Vasaloppet: Sunday March 7 at 7.30.

Transmission times:

Tjejvasan's broadcast times: 08.45-11.00 Host

/ Reporter: Cecilia Ingman

Commentators: Niklas Nord

Expert Mattias Svahn

Rider reporter: Ida Ingemarsdotter

Main broadcast: 07.30-13.00 SVT1 / Play

Host: Yvette Hermundstad

Commentators: Jacob Hård and Anders Blomquist

Reporter: Maria Wallberg

Passing reporters: Ida Ingemarsdotter and Jörgen Brink


Tjejvasan: 30 km from Oxberg to Mora.

Classic style.

Vasaloppet: 90 km from Sälen to Mora.

Classic style.

Number of starters:

The Vasa race has been turned into a pure elite race due to the corona pandemic.

The maximum number of starters is 400 skiers, 300 men and 100 women.

Far from the over 15,000 registered from last year.

The exercisers have instead been instructed to go "Vasaåket" during other time periods before the Vasaloppet.

A maximum of 100 skiers participate in Tjejvasan.

Ladies First

For the first time, the ladies get their own start time in the Vasaloppet.

The ladies start at 7.40, the men start at 8.00.

Maybe it can lead to the ladies and gentlemen going to the finish line at about the same time.

Last year, there was a difference of almost 16 minutes between the men's and women's finish line.

The organizer sees the separate women's start as a test that will then be evaluated for whether it should be introduced permanently.

New starting point

The start has been moved to Tjärnheden's IP, opposite the classic start in Berga village, due to the corona pandemic.

For Tjejvasan, the start is moved to Oxberg.

New finish

New finish at the belfry in Mora about 300 meters from the previous finish.

However, the target portal is promised to look identical to previous years.

Of course, the classic sign with the text "In the footsteps of fathers for future victories" remains.

The change is unrelated to the corona pandemic, but has to do with infrastructure changes in Mora.

For Tjejvasan, this year there will be a temporary finish at Zorn-gården.

Biggest stars


Lina Korsgren:

Double Vasaloppet winner and reigning champion.

Leads the long distance cup.

Britta Johansson Norgren:

She too is a double Vasaloppet winner but with a tougher season behind her.

Inflicted severe cold injuries during a race in Switzerland in January but made a comeback in the last race before the Vasaloppet.

Marit Björgen: The

legend aims to make her debut in the Vasaloppet and has previously said that she has made equivalent training results as before the 2018 Olympics (2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze).

But the investment has not gone as planned.

The Norwegian ski queen would have made a comeback in November but failed to sign up for the mandatory anti-doping program in time and has therefore been stopped from competing.

The setback means that the first long-distance race she is allowed to compete in is the Vasaloppet.


Emil Persson:

On the men's side, Norwegian skiers have won eight years in a row.

Maybe Emil Persson can break the trend?

The Swede leads the long-distance race cup.

His best result in the Vasaloppet, however, is 18th place last year.

The last Swede to win the Vasaloppet was Jörgen Brink in 2012.

Petter Eliassen:

Sprinted home the Vasaloppet last year and took his second victory.

In fact, the top four riders in the race were Norwegians.

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Here Björgen challenges Johaug in the gym