Norway's ski queen and medal wholesaler will start her championship with the skiathlon over 15 kilometers.

Johaug and the remaining squad will gather on Thursday, and travel to Oberstdorf only on Saturday.

- It will be nice to get into the World Cup feeling and the bubble there, she says.

Johaug is fighting for a medal

In the autumn of 2018, Therese Johaug returned after her doping ban, and has since won most of what can be won.

In the WC in Seefeld 2019, she won gold in the three individual races she competed in. And winning medals, that is something she wants to continue with in Oberstdorf.

- I hope to fight for medals in the races I compete in. But I know that there are many who go fast, says Johaug.

"Sweden is a big favorite"

In the WC in Seefeld, it was only in the relay that Johaug did not manage to get a gold.

It was a super drama between Johaug and Swedish, Stina Nilsson, where the Swede was the winner in the battle for the battle.

Sweden will try their best to defend the gold, but Johaug believes that the Norwegian national team will try to challenge them.

- It is clear that Sweden are big favorites, there is no doubt about it.

We are challengers and if we are to be able to beat Sweden, we must have a great day in all possible ways, she concludes.

Archive: Stina Nilsson cracks Johaug in the WC relay (March 19, 2020)

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Stina Nilsson cracks Johaug in the WC relay