Djokovic decided on his second match ball and then served the match home with an ace.

- Until the last point, anyone could have won.

We pushed each other to the limit, says Djokovic.

Zverev had several chances to gain control of the match but Djokovic was able to wriggle out of the grip and win.

When Zverev decided on his third set ball and took the first set, many probably thought it was the German match, especially as Djokovics was disturbed by an injury.

- With these circumstances, I needed an hour to warm up and be able to swing properly on the track.

After the first set, I started to move better and I served fantastically well and was able to increase the focus, says Djokovic.

- If he had won this match, it would not have been unfair.

I have had injuries throughout my career but never experienced anything like this but the magical hands from my physiotherapist have helped me through this, says Djokovic who can not train between matches but spent those days completely recovering from a severe disturbance abdominal muscle injury.

The Serb turned and then won three straight sets despite many mistakes of his own.