After the bronze medal in the mixed relay, Hanna Öberg's WC did not go according to plan.

But after the World Cup silver at a distance, she calms the Swedish biathlon fans.

- There are so many who seemed to think that I was so terribly depressed after these days.

Of course I have been disappointed but I have been able to let it go quickly.

You do not have to be so worried for my sake, says Hanna Öberg to SVT.

It is above all the riding that has not been at the level she is at.

After the start of the hunt, Öberg said that she did not recognize her body.

But she now says that she was still able to handle the hard days well.

- I have quite quickly been able to put it behind me and have been able to refocus.

It's so nice that I'm back, says Öberg.

CLIP: See Hanna Öberg shooting in the silver race

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Hanna Öberg took World Cup silver at a distance.

Photo: TT