China News Service, Beijing, February 12, reporter learned on the 12th that the Asian Cup Men’s Basketball Qualifiers originally scheduled to be held in Qatar from February 17 to 23, where the Chinese team’s group B match was temporarily cancelled due to the epidemic, did not focus on preparations. The week's Chinese men's basketball team announced its disbandment and rest on the 12th.

  On the 12th, the Chinese National Basketball Team issued a post on its official Weibo "China Basketball Team", saying that on the evening of the 11th Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Association received a letter from FIBA ​​Asia: Due to the recent intensification of the new crown epidemic in Qatar, the Qatar Ministry of Public Health decided Cancel all upcoming events in Qatar from the next day.

The Qatar Basketball Association has sent a letter to the FIBA ​​Asian region confirming that it is no longer possible to host the 2021 Men's Basketball Asian Cup Qualifiers Group A, Group B and Group E games originally scheduled to begin on February 17.

FIBA Asia will carefully study all possible alternatives for the game in the near future.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this Asian Cup men’s basketball qualifier has "fate" ill-fated. After many changes in the time and place of the game, it is finally "determined" to start the A and B groups in Qatar on February 17. In the match with Group E, the Chinese men's basketball team also started training and preparations from February 7.

  In this Asian Cup men's basketball qualifier, the Chinese team is in Group B with Japan, Malaysia and Chinese Taipei. The top two teams in each group and the 4 best third places will enter the Asian Cup.

A few days ago, the Chinese Taipei Basketball Association issued a statement stating that as only 7 players were willing to participate in the Asian Cup qualifiers, they could not meet the FIBA ​​standard of at least 10 players and decided to retire.

Subsequently, the Malaysian Basketball Association also announced that in view of the new crown epidemic, the Malaysian national team will not participate in the upcoming men's basketball Asian preliminaries in Doha, Qatar.

  The "Chinese Basketball Team" said on the 12th that after research by the Chinese Basketball Association and the coaching staff, the Chinese Men's Basketball Team will take a break from now on.

The Chinese Basketball Association will maintain close communication with the FIBA ​​and formulate the next step according to the actual situation.

  The second stage of the CBA League ended on February 6.

In order to make way for the national team's Asian preliminaries and competition, the CBA League adjusted the start time of the third stage to late March.

Now that the Asian preliminaries are postponed again, the third stage of the CBA regular season matches may be advanced.