You can't tell by looking at him, but it's true: Friedel Meier is 72 years old.

Meier trains a lot to get his body in shape.

Age is not an excuse for him, if health allows, everyone can do sports.

"At 72, I can easily keep up with most 20-year-olds - even though I donated a kidney a year ago," says Friedel. Meier wasn't always a sports junkie. The change of heart did not come to him until he was years old, when he was gasping for breath while climbing stairs. “At that moment I knew that I had to do something! I wasn't overweight, but at the time I had last seen the inside of a gym ten years ago, ”says Meier. During the corona pandemic, he trains at home, these are his rules and five exercises with which you will get fit even beyond the age of 60.