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  • Heracles-Ajax


  • Results:

  • ADO-PSV 2-2

  • Sparta-Fortuna 1-2

  • Groningen-PEC 1-0

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a few seconds ago

8 'It is Heracles that strikes the clock in the opening phase against Ajax.

The Almelo players are on top of it and Ajax is actually not getting rid of its own half.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a few seconds ago

3 'The first danger does not come from Ajax, but from the home team in Almelo.

Burgzorg accelerates past Tagliafico, after which former Ajax player Bijleveld can slide the ball into the goal.

He does not seem to realize how likely it is and misses the mark.

a few seconds ago

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a few seconds ago

A great milestone for Maarten Stekelenburg (38 years and 145 days).

He is now officially the oldest player on behalf of Ajax in the history of the Eredivisie.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a few seconds ago


The ball rolls in Almelo, where Ajax takes office with David Neres, Noussair Mazraoui and Jurriën Timber, among others.

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

Dumfries: 'Enough opportunities created'

PSV captain Denzel Dumfries started against ADO on the bench and saw his team struggle to score goals.

"I'm not saying it was frustrating because you're always trying to support your team," he said of his spare role to



"We created enough opportunities and he simply has to go there once."

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a few seconds ago

The big question at 6.45 pm: can Ajax benefit from PSV's loss of points?

The team from Amsterdam will visit Heracles, where the last three seasons were lost.

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

Kramer: 'This is a bonus point'

Michiel Kramer shot ADO in a spectacular way in injury time against PSV.

"I scored such a nice goal", the striker told



Kramer also saw that ADO probably did not deserve a point, but that does not make him any less happy.

"PSV was better and deserved to win. But then this is a bonus point, which we are very happy with."

a few seconds ago

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

ADO steals point against PSV

PSV has bizarrely failed to win at ADO Den Haag.

The team from Eindhoven are in charge of the entire match and turn a backlog (two goals from Donyell Malen), but Michiel Kramer takes care of the 2-2 in the last minute with a nice bicycle kick.

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago


ADO-PSV ends in 2-2!

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

90 + 5 'PSV gets another corner ...

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

90 + 3 'GOAL ADO! 


ADO scores!


Make up.



The home team is not entitled to it at all, but seems to get a point here.

Teze misses the ball and with a bicycle kick (!) Michiel Kramer signs for the tying run.

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

90 + 1 'Goal PSV rejected! 

Malen thinks he will make his hat-trick after good work by Mauro, but the latter was offside and so the goal is canceled.

a few seconds ago

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

90 'There will be four more minutes in The Hague.

Is there still a score?

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

88 'The game is now moving up and down.

ADO takes risks in the hunt for the equalizer.

PSV is given space to counter on the other side.

For the time being it is still 1-2 for the visitors.

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

83 ' 


This is also almost unbelievable, because Malen is hitting the bar again.

The striker, who has already had significant chances in addition to his goals, curls the ball on the aluminum.

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

83 'The final phase has arrived in The Hague.

Can ADO still establish itself or can PSV hold on to the lead?

ADO Den Haag-PSV a few seconds ago

81 'Zahavi fires from about seventeen meters towards goal, but the effort is no problem for Fraisl.

a few seconds ago

ADO Den Haag-PSV 3 minutes ago

78 ' 


Malen's hat-trick is almost complete, but the striker's viewed ball lands on the bar.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 5 minutes ago

76 'GOAL PSV! 


There is finally the lead for PSV!

Malen scores, but the PSV striker can send flowers to Jamal Amofa.

The ADO player wants to shoot a cross, but puts the ball ready for Malen, who simply manages to hit the target.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 7 minutes ago

74 'Fraisl!

It is almost unbelievable, but the ADO goalkeeper now also has a graceful save on a shot from Ihattaren.

The ball flew towards the far top corner.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 8 minutes ago

73 'No 1-2!

Malen gets a huge chance to take the lead for PSV here, but the striker hits Fraisl from close range.

The ADO goalkeeper is by far the best player of the home team today.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 10 minutes ago

71 'Ibrahim Sangaré is the next PSV player with a chance of a goal.

The midfielder's shot flies just wide of the ADO goal.

10 minutes ago

ADO Den Haag-PSV 12 minutes ago

He needed some opportunities, but Malen means PSV is in any case next to ADO again.

The people of Eindhoven still have a good twenty minutes to take the lead.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 16 minutes ago

65 'PSV is hunting for the lead and ADO really does not finish its own half properly.

This time Fraisl has to intervene in a fine swipe by substitute Ihattaren.

ADO The Hague-PSV 20 minutes ago

61 'Vertessen gets a huge chance on the 1-2 after Max's cross, but Fraisl again saves ADO.

Not much later Vertessen is changed for Ihattaren.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 22 minutes ago

60 'The storm has subsided for a while.

PSV had a great start to the second half and are now back next to ADO thanks to Malen.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 26 minutes ago

55 'The PSV players are screaming for a penalty after a shot by Vertessen is blocked, but the ball ended up on substitute Gianni Zuiverloon's knee.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 29 minutes ago

52 'There it is already almost 1-2.

Max is found in depth and can score.

He opts for a pass to Zahavi, but it is intercepted by ADO.

ADO The Hague-PSV 31 minutes ago

51 'GOAL PSV! 


Now it is a hit for PSV!

Malen dribbles into the penalty area after a nice heel from Max and points the ball into the short corner.

Goalkeeper Fraisl is surprised here.

ADO Den Haag-PSV 32 minutes ago

50 'Back to The Hague.

No moments of excitement yet, at the beginning of the second half.

PSV is still lagging behind.

ADO is keeping things closed.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax 34 minutes ago

It is striking that in addition to Promes (transfer cases), Idrissi is also missing.

We don't know why yet.



Author Ajax Life Moment of Places 16:38 - 13 February 2021

ADO Den Haag-PSV 36 minutes ago

46 'The ball rolls again in The Hague! 

Can ADO maintain the lead and does PSV now know how to take advantage of the opportunities?

Heracles Almelo-Ajax 40 minutes ago


 Ajax coach Erik ten Hag changes his team in a few places.

Noussair Mazraoui, David Neres and Ryan Gravenberch return to the base.

This is at the expense of Devyne Rensch, Lisandro Martínez and Antony.


Mazraoui, Timber, Blind, Tagliafico;

Álvarez, Klaassen, Gravenberch;

Neres, Haller, Tadic.

Full squad in Almelo ⇣ #heraja


Avatar Author AFC Ajax Moment of places 16: 32 - February 13, 2021

ADO Den Haag-PSV 44 minutes ago

The ADO goalkeeper is currently the man of the match.

Will he stay that too?

#ADOPSV in numbers: Shots: 2-15 Expected goals: 0.3-2.4 Score: 1-0 Martin Fraisl 👏


Author ESPN NLMoment of places16: 28 - 13 February 2021

Heracles Almelo-Ajax one hour ago


At 6.45 pm we close this Eredivisie Saturday in Almelo with Heracles-Ajax.

The home team won the last three editions.

This is Heracles' lineup:

... Teun Bijleveld starts in the base ✔️🔽🔽🔽 #heraja


Avatar Author Heracles Almelo Moment of places 16: 25 - 13 February 2021

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

It is peace in The Hague! 

ADO surprisingly leads 1-0 against PSV and that is anything but deserved given the odds.

The team from Eindhoven will really have to be sharper in front of the goal after the break to avoid losing points.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

45 + 2 'Zahavi?

Again not!

The striker still has a huge chance to make it 1-1, but ADO goalkeeper Fraisl is again important with a great save.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

44 'Just a few more minutes until the break in The Hague.

ADO still leads 1-0 and that can be called a miracle.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

39 'The umpteenth chance for PSV is a fact.

And again it is not a goal.

The visitors set up a fine attack and Zahavi cut himself free to his left, but the shot towards the short corner went wide.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago


This is ADO-PSV in a nutshell (so far):

Shots PSV: 𝟭𝟬Shots ADO: 𝟭Stand #adopsv: 𝟭-𝟬Donyell Malen:


Author ESPN NLMoment of places16: 08 - February 13, 2021

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

36 'Thomas and Zahavi get chances of 1-1 in a short time, but goalkeeper Fraisl first takes the ball from Thomas and then returns Zahavi's rebound.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

34 'PSV is now fully on the hunt for the equalizer.

The people of Eindhoven are still the parent party, but are still surprisingly lagging behind.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

We played for half an hour in The Hague.

In terms of chances, it could have been 0-3 for PSV, but it is 1-0 for ADO due to Adekanye's goal.

The people of Eindhoven have to work hard.

ADO Den Haag-PSV one hour ago

27 'GOAL ADO! 


It is anything but deserved, but that will be a concern for ADO.

Adekanye, who caused the penalty, simply slalomed through PSV's defense and hit the short corner.

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