Sweden took the bronze half a second ahead of Ukraine after a thrilling final sprint.

Afterwards, Hanna Öberg was really tired.

The TV pictures showed how she exhaled for a long time in the snow after the finish.

When teammate Martin Ponsiluoma was subsequently asked how tired Öberg was on a scale of one to ten, the answer came quickly.

- Elva!

Öberg agreed.

- That is probably quite true, she says.

"It was brutal"

National team coach Johannes Lukas, who follows his national team from home in Germany when he was forced to operate on one shoulder, was pleased with the bronze.

- It was brutal.

If it continues like this, I will not be able to cope with this World Cup.

I am extremely proud, says Johannes Lukas.

He also praises Hanna Öberg's riot.

- Hanna did it perfectly.

She does exactly what we have discussed.

SVT Sport's expert Björn Ferry pays tribute to her last shot which went in 18.5 seconds.

- There are many who are happy to get off the first shot in 18.5 seconds.

It's really good, I never shot a series in 18.5 seconds, says Ferry.

CLIP: The decision in the mixed relay

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The bronze battle.

Photo: Bildbyrån.