Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Wednesday, he focuses on the meat designed in the laboratory and in particular the entrecote from the company Aleph Farms.

Today's innovation is a major milestone in cultured meat.

Until now, we could only make minced meat, nuggets or sausage meat.

For the first time, we have just created a real steak, without killing or injuring any animal.

"That could change everything. You've been put a picture on the hashtag # Europe1. It's a steak, thick with the fat, sinews, muscle fibers and all the texture of a real piece of meat like in Butcher. Except that it was cultivated in the laboratory with a technique of bio-printing of beef cells. This means that we can print any piece (flank steak, sirloin, tab ...). We can also control the flavor, if you prefer Charolaise or Aubrac, all this in an ethical and sustainable way since no animals are harmed.

Today, don't we rather prefer the authentic, the natural? 

It is true.

But there are also more and more French people (40%) who are becoming flexitarians, that is to say who are looking to eat less meat.

And they were the first to rush into vegetable steaks, which are just a chemical blend of flavored proteins.

It is also true that, until now, cultured meat did not look like meat, but rather like a kind of cell porridge.

It was therefore important to reproduce, not only the taste, but also the appearance of a piece of meat.

This is why this technique could change everything.

We owe it to the Israelis at Aleph Farms.

And how much does it cost?

 Expensive !

Around 80 € per kilo.

This is why they will initially target exceptional cuts: cheaper Kobe beef, for example, or a 2 kg spider (the favorite piece of butchers).

According to their calculations, it will take another three years to reach price parity with farmed meat. "