The twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young Da-young of Heungkuk Life's female professional volleyball player posted a handwritten apology to victims of school violence.

Sisters Jaeyoung Lee and Dayoung Lee posted apology on their Instagram accounts today (10th) and bowed their heads to apologize to the victims, reflecting on what they did wrong while in school.

Lee Jae-young said,'I am very sorry to those who have had a painful time due to my wrong words and actions.'

I apologize once again.'

He said,'I will try to become a more mature person, see you in person, admit my faults, and apologize.' He said,'I am sorry for the disappointment of my shortcomings during difficult times.

Lee Da-young also said,'I deeply apologize for hurting my hard memories to a colleague who worked out while sweating like in school.'

The twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young, who are known to have worked together in elementary and junior high school volleyball sports teams, posted a long article on a community site titled'The current volleyball players are victims of school abuse', listing the facts of the twin sisters' abuse. I want to receive a sincere apology."

As the related contents spread rapidly through social media, the twin sisters and Heungkuk Life Insurance team expressed their intention to apologize by contacting the victims.

He also conveyed that he would meet at an appropriate time and apologize in person.

Heungkuk Life Insurance Club said, "We apologize for the disappointment to the fans regarding the fact that Jae-young Lee and Da-young are violating at school. The players are regretting their wrongdoing as a student. We sincerely apologize to the injured victims. "I announced an apology.

(Photo = Courtesy of Heungkuk Life Insurance Volleyball Team, Yonhap News)