Goalkeeper Song Bum-geun of Jeonbuk professional football is growing rapidly with the training of goalkeeper Lee Un-jae.

In particular, the secret to preventing penalty kicks is being taught, reporter Ha Seong-ryong covered it.


Song Bum-geun flies without a break to block coach Lee Woon-jae's kick.

[Lee Unjae/Jeonbuk goalkeeper coach: Hey!

Don't pretend to be hard with a camera. Wake up!]

Training is


, but it's like a dream to be with your idol.

[Song Bum-geun/Jeonbuk goalkeeper: I was a player who wanted to resemble a lot.

It is an honor to be able to learn with such a person...


Song Bum-geun ranked first in the K-League last season, but was particularly weak against penalty kicks.

In the 3 years since debut, only one of the 8 penalty kicks was blocked.

That's why I'm more delighted to join this coach who was strong in penalty kicks.

Q. How do I train to block penalty kicks?

[Lee Woon-jae/Jeonbuk goalkeeper coach: You do 50 pieces a day...

If you lose direction, you just have to hit one at a time~]

The secret of this coach, who led the 2002 World Cup semifinal myth


penalty shootouts, is not to predict the direction before the kicker shoots.

[Lee Woon-jae/Jeonbuk goalkeeper coach: It’s late, let’s see the ball.

You don't have to hold onto the goal, you can eat it, you can eat it cool.

Just 2m from my knee.

This between knees and waist.

But out of the five, there are 2-3 of them.]

[Song Beom-geun/Jeonbuk goalkeeper: So you blocked it in 2002?]

[Lee Woon-jae/Jeonbuk goalkeeper coach: Why do you talk about 2002?"

You have to stop it!] With

this coach's intensive training, Song Bum-geun is growing little by little while making up for his weaknesses.

[Song Bum-geun/Jeonbuk goalkeeper: I will try my best to stop it.

With the idea that if you can't stop it, you'll be right...

You don't hit it, but you don't hit it.

Do not misunderstand.

Don't hit me!]

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, video editing: Nam Il)