Millions investor Lars Windhorst sees the spectacular resignation of Jürgen Klinsmann as coach at Hertha BSC, even after exactly one year, still critical.

“The way he left was and is not acceptable to me.

To this day I regret that Jürgen Klinsmann acted like that, ”said the Hertha financier.

On Thursday a year ago, after massive internal differences with the management, Klinsmann vacated his position at the Berlin Bundesliga club without warning and returned to his native California.

The work of Klinsmann, who was initially installed by him as a member of the supervisory board of the Bundesliga club and then took over as coach in November 2019, does not only rate Windhorst negatively.

“Looking back, many have now noticed that many of Jürgen Klinsmann's impulses and analyzes were not so wrong.

It could have been very constructive, ”said the 44-year-old.

Jürgen Klinsmann and his assistants Markus Feldhoff (left) and Alexander Nouri (right) had big plans for Hertha BSC

Source: City-Press via Getty Images / City-Press GmbH

Klinsmann has no future at Hertha


Hertha only secured staying in the class in the preseason under Klinsmann's second successor Bruno Labbadia.

Currently, the Berliners are back in the relegation battle under his successor Pal Dardai.

In the aftermath of the previous year, records of the former national coach were made public in which he massively discredited the manager Michael Preetz, who was recently on leave.

Klinsmann himself did not want to comment on the anniversary of his resignation.

A further collaboration with Klinsmann as a supervisory board member was not possible for Windhorst at that time.

“Due to the way he left, he unfortunately slammed the door.

But we shouldn't dig further into the past, ”said the entrepreneur.