Last year was a turbulent one for Boris Becker.


The 53-year-old has ongoing bankruptcy proceedings in London, with the process scheduled to begin in September 2021.

At a hearing in October last year, Becker pleaded “not guilty” on all 28 counts.

At Eurosport he continues to work as a tennis expert.

The former title holder will comment on the Australian Open as usual.

However from Munich, not from the site in Melbourne.

For the two top German players Alexander Zverev and Angelique Kerber, he does not want to make a forecast out of superstition, but says in the interview: "Both can get out early, but also have what it takes to win the tournament."


The Australian Open is taking place.

Right decision?

Boris Becker:

Yes, absolutely.

Of course, you have to deal with the local corona rules correctly, and Australia is particularly strict there.

I think that's basically good and even spectators are allowed.

However, this is only possible because there have been no positive corona cases in Australia for months.


I do now.

Even in the player hotel.