With five minutes left, Forsberg made it 6-6 in powerplay for HV with his second goal of the evening and made sure to get to extra time where he decided with 50 seconds left.

In game four against three, Forsberg cut in 4-3 after a direct shot from the left after a quick diagonal pass.

- It was nice to get two points after this chaos match, where the second period was a disaster.

We had a damn good boxing game and that's where we win the match today, says Forsberg

At the beginning of the third period, Samuel Jonsson shot 6-5 for Rögle.

He cut to a few meters inside blue and saw the puck go in behind Jonas Gunnarsson in the HV goal.

It was pure wild west in the second period with six goals when Rögle turned 1-3 to lead 5-4 before Zion Nybeck pressed in 5-5 on a return for HV after Rögleslarv which Fredrik Forsberg used.

It was noteworthy that HV's 4-4 and 5-5 were video reviewed.

Rögle dominated a lot in the second period and for some time it looked like they played in powerplay even though there were as many players on the ice.

Second-placed Rögle had four straight games without three points before today's meeting with HV71.

HV71, the third last team, had two full points in their last four matches before tonight's clash.

- Many things were out of control for us tonight and we did not focus on taking three points.

We missed many chances, especially in the second period and it was an interesting match in many ways with bounces here and there and strange decisions, says Rögle's coach Cam Abbott.