Leopoldo Luque and Maradona after the operation of the Argentine star on November 11, 2020. -

Diego Maradona press office / AFP

Two months after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, an audio recording leaked in the Argentinian media and again created controversy.

We hear the neurosurgeon of Pibe de Oro, the same one who had operated on him for a hematoma on his head a few days before his death, discussing by phone with Agustina Cosashov, psychiatrist from Maradona, just after the latter had was rushed to hospital.

At the end of the line, Leopoldo Luque drops this sentence which is causing a stir in Argentina today: “It seems that he had a cardiopulmonary arrest, he will shit by dying the fat man… No idea what he did.

I'm going there ".

For the rest, the psychiatrist explains to Maradona's doctor the unfolding of the events, when she tried to revive the idol of the country before the ambulance arrived there.

Dalma Maradona insults Luque on Twitter

“Now he's with the ambulance team, they're doing resuscitation and intubating him.

We did it for ten, fifteen minutes because the ambulance was not coming, Agustina Cosashov told Leopoldo Luque.

We walked into the room and it was cold, cold.

We started resuscitation and he regained his tone a little and, let's say, he recovered a little body temperature.

All this lasted more or less 10 minutes, then the ambulance arrived.

They don't tell us how the situation is.

I left and they don't tell me anything.

"To which Luque replies:" This is it.

We did what we had to do, Agustina.

The family knew about everything, everyone was in communication.


Luque sos un hdp y ojala se haga justicia pero no ignoremos that the persona that is presented to mi papá, lo contrata y le paga un sueldo es Matías Morla!

Yo acabo de escuchar los audios entre Luque y la psiquiatra y vomite! Lo único que le pido a Dios es que se haga justicia!


- Dalma Maradona (@dalmaradona) January 31, 2021

Already implicated by the daughters of the world champion 86, who accuse him of neglect towards their father, and under investigation for manslaughter, the neurosurgeon suffered the wrath of one of them, Dalma Maradona, on Twitter.

"Luque you are a son of a bitch," she wrote.

I just listened to the audios between Luque and the psychiatrist and I threw up.

The only thing I ask God is that justice be done and that all those who have to pay pay ”.


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