Lotte's spring camp, which will be the only remote island held by 12 professional baseball teams, has started on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.

Lotte's spring camp started on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa from the 1st, and in the second year with the fastest speed of 163km, pitcher Roki Sasaki entered the bullpen from the first day after playing catch.

He then threw 37 balls with the catcher standing, and according to coach Masato Yoshii, he will continue to enter the bullpen once every two days.

Also, in order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, the bullpen is no longer allowed to enter behind the catcher except for team members.

Pitcher Sasaki said about the pitching practice of the day, "I don't know some points, but I think it was good to some extent" and "I hope to improve the accuracy and strength of pitching firmly toward the opening." It was.

In addition, each baseball team is taking measures against infection based on the guidelines of NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball, but Lotte divides the table in the cafeteria used by players and staff with acrylic boards and eats without facing each other.

In addition, the hotel has a single room to reduce contact with people, and eating out is prohibited.

Director Tadahito Iguchi said, "I think it's very disappointing for fans who were looking forward to the unattended camp, but I would like to make good preparations for when they can see it again."