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The Denmark team increased its legend after revalidating the world title that it won two years ago at home, by beating Sweden this Sunday in the final of the World Cup in Egypt, in which the Danish goalkeeper

Niklas Landin

once again demonstrated his status as the best goalkeeper of the world.

And it is that the Danish goalkeeper, who finished the match with

more than 40 percent of saves

, closed his goal in the final stretch of the clash, as evidenced by the only three goals he conceded to the Swedish players in the last ten minutes of play.

His sensational performance allowed Denmark, the reigning Olympic champion, to emulate a feat that only France had managed to achieve in this century, chaining two consecutive world champion titles.

A triumph that

Nikolaj Jacobsen's men

had to fight, and in what way, against a Swedish team, which despite not being able to win, showed that they have taken a giant step forward in this World Cup.

This growth allowed Sweden to resist the good staging of the Danish team, who, led by an inspired

Mikkel Hansen

, who had already scored three goals in the first eleven minutes, seemed ready to solve the final on the fast track.

Swedish resistance

But the Swedish team, supported by their brilliant and effective team play, grabbed onto the court and managed to wipe the difference of two goals (8-6) that the Danish team had at the end of the first 17 minutes of play.

A not very large income, but a real booty, given the low figures in which it moved the first half.

However, when Denmark seemed to have taken the first step towards gold, difficulties began to accumulate for Nikolaj Jacobsen's men.

Midway through the first half, Denmark was deprived of winger Lasse Svan, forcing full-back

Mathias Gidsel

to occupy the outside, and a few minutes later he had to seat pivot Magnus Saugstrup because of his second suspension.

It was quite a problem for Denmark, as the Aalborg pivot is not only essential in the defense axis, but also in attack, as shown by the three goals he scored before being forced to go to the bench.

And is that his replacement, the gigantic

Simon Hald

, is not the same either in attack, where he missed the three shots he tried, or in defense, where despite his size, he is not enough to give the benefits of Saugstrup.

This circumstance led to the comeback of Sweden, which reached an advantage of two goals on the scoreboard (10-12), after taking advantage of the more than four minutes that Denmark was without seeing the goal.

But the exclusions of the Swedish team, which at times were left with only four players on the court, made possible the Danish reaction, which managed to equalize the contest (13-13) at the end of the first half.

The balance was maintained until the halfway point of the second half, when the figure of left-back Jacob Holm broke in. After not playing for a single minute in the entire first half, he became one of the keys to the Danish victory.

The German Fuchse Berlin player not only gave the Danish attack more fluidity, but with his four consecutive goals allowed Denmark to open a small gap on the scoreboard (23-21) with just over ten minutes to go to the conclusion of the match .

Goalkeeper Niklas Landin, with spectacular final minutes, took it upon himself to put an end to the Swedish team's hopes of victory, especially with a penalty save from Hampus Wanne with just over three minutes to go, which ended to pave the way for Denmark to win (26-24) their second consecutive world title.

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