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Here we, Mitch Marinus and Robbert van der Linde, will keep you informed of today's Eredivisie matches, including the top players in De Kuip and the AFAS Stadium.

  • 4.45 pm

  • AZ-Ajax

  • ADO-Sparta

  • Results:

  • Twente-Heerenveen 0-0

  • Feyenoord PSV 3-1

  • Willem II-FC Emmen 2-0

AZ-Ajax · in 5 days

Due to the draw of Vitesse and the defeat of PSV, Ajax can do excellent business in the title fight.

Then the team from Amsterdam must win on a visit to AZ, while the Alkmaarders also want to take advantage to get closer to the top of the ranking.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Berghuis: 'If you lose this too, it will be difficult'

Steven Berghuis and his teammates play against PSV against the necessary frustration.

"This is very important for us, for the club, for the feeling. If you also lose it, it will become more and more difficult. We fought well and struck in the counter", says the Feyenoord captain.

Berghuis himself took care of the 2-0 in a beautiful way and let his emotions run free after his goal.

"Yes, I needed it for a while. I had been dry for a long time, while you have to live off it as a Feyenoord attacker. This is a great victory for all of us."

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Dumfries: 'In this way we are not a title contender'

Denzel Dumfries is naturally disappointed after the 3-1 defeat against Feyenoord.

"In the first half they have three shots on goal, all of which go in. That is a lot of disappointment and a great source of frustration," said the captain, who also criticizes his own team. 

"It was difficult because they collapsed a lot, but we should have played better between the lines and handled the chances better. We still believed in it after the break, but it was not enough. We are not a title contender this way. have often shown that we can do it, but we have not today. "

in 5 days

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Feyenoord surprisingly past PSV due to effective first half

PSV suffered considerable damage in the title fight.

The people from Eindhoven are actually the better team when visiting Feyenoord, but lose 3-1 in De Kuip.

The Rotterdammers are deadly effective in the first half and score three times via Mark Diemers, Steven Berghuis and Bryan Linssen.

After the break, PSV greatly increased the pressure, but only Ibrahim Sangaré managed to pass Nick Marsman.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

Crucial victory Willem II in cellar cracker

Willem II has achieved an extremely important victory in the fight against relegation.

The Tilburgers are 2-0 too strong in-house for FC Emmen, which also does not manage to win in the twentieth match of the Eredivisie season and does not seem to be able to prevent relegation anymore.

Ché Nunnely and Kwasi Wriedt score the goals and give Zeljko Petrovic a nice debut as coach of Willem II.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

90 + 1 'Jørgensen can make it even better for Feyenoord from the counter, but shoots right into the hands of Mvogo after a sharp counter-attack.

It does not hurt Feyenoord, because the victory is in.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

85 'It is really going with the courage of despair at PSV.

The people of Eindhoven are understandably in a hurry, but are therefore also very sloppy.

Feyenoord has less and less trouble staying upright and is on its way to a surprise victory.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

80 'PSV will fully play on the attack.

Schmidt hopes to unleash a final offensive with substitute Yorbe Vertessen, but with Philipp Max it will be one of his best players.

The left back is visibly not happy with his substitution.

in 5 days

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

76 'Linssen goes down in the penalty area with a lot of noise, but does not receive a penalty for it.

In the counter-shot, Ihattaren tries with an imitation of Berghuis, but unlike the Feyenoord captain, the PSV substitute is not accurate with a flaming long shot.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Nick Marsman is dismayed to see a header from Ibrahim Sangaré landing in the far corner.

Since then, the Feyenoord defense has been under heavy pressure, but the keeper has not had to fish a second time, while time is ticking away in favor of the team from Rotterdam.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

70 'The pressure on the Feyenoord goal is getting bigger and bigger, but Marsman is still dragging his team through it.

The keeper makes his goal small, which prevents Malen from filling in from close range.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

Zeljko Petrovic cheers after his team has come to 2-0, but the new trainer of Willem II has not yet won his first victory.

Since Kwasi Wriedt's goal, Emmen has been playing with the courage of despair in an attempt to avert defeat.

The Tilburg defense does not need to worry too much, but with such an opportunistic playing style of the opponent, disaster is in a small corner.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

63 'PSV is now fully pursuing the connection goal.

Malen has the ball to shoot after a cross from Max, but finds Senesi on his way.

It squeaks and creaks in the back at Feyenoord, but the Rotterdammers are still standing.

in 5 days

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

PSV also put a lot of pressure on Feyenoord's goal in the second half.

Nick Marsman keeps Eran Zahavi from scoring here, but moments later the Feyenoord keeper has to capitulate to a header from Ibrahim Sangaré, putting PSV back in the game.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days



Is this a lifeline for PSV?

Leroy Fer thinks he will head away a free kick from Philipp Max, but nods the ball against Ibrahim Sangaré's head.

The ball then falls into the far corner and three PSV players immediately dive on it to quickly put the toy back on the center spot.

AZ-Ajax · in 5 days

Would the players of AZ and Ajax be aware of the developments in Rotterdam?

At 4.45 pm they will perform for the second top match of the day and they do that with these players.

Setup AZ

: Bizot;

Sugawara, Hatzidiakos, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Midtsjö, Stengs, Koopmeiners;

Gudmundsson, Karlsson, Boadu Line-

up Ajax

: Onana;

Rensch, Schuurs, Blind, Martínez;

Álvarez, Klaassen, Gravenberch;

Antony, Haller, Tadic.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

52 'PSV has not yet given up and is on the hunt for a ray of hope.

That is almost found by Zahavi, but Marsman taps the Israeli header from under the bar just in time.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

A beautiful picture of a beautiful goal.

PSV goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo can float what he wants, but he has no chance on the bet of Steven Berghuis.

in 5 days

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

47 'GOAL Willem II!


Immediately after the break, the Tilburg team handed out a hammer blow to Emmen.

Kwasi Wriedt fumbles with some luck past his direct opponent, but then shoots the ball like a real striker into the long corner.

It will now be a very difficult story for Dick Lukkien's team, while Zeljko Petrovic seems to be livening up his debut with a victory.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

46 'The ball is also rolling again in De Kuip.

Feyenoord defends a comfortable lead, PSV needs a miracle not to return to Eindhoven without points.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

46 'In Tilburg, the teams started the second half.

Can FC Emmen still fight back, or will Willem II distance himself further from the red lantern carrier?

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Steven Berghuis showed a lot of emotion after his beautiful goal.

The captain of Feyenoord let out a primal cry that everyone could hear and treated the billboards to a hefty kick.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Bryan Linssen points the 3-0 past Yvon Mvogo.

The last (and only other) time that Feyenoord led 3-0 against PSV at halftime was on December 3, 1989. Then the team from Rotterdam eventually won 4-0.

in 5 days

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days


Few people will have predicted a 3-0 halftime score in De Kuip, but it is reality.

Feyenoord is deadly effective and puts PSV at a great disadvantage via Mark Diemers, Steven Berghuis and Bryan Linssen.

If the people from Eindhoven want to keep up with Ajax, a miracle must happen.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days


FC Emmen is stronger, but Willem II is halfway ahead in this cellar cracker.

Ché Nunnely makes the difference in the score for the time being, by tapping directly at the first and only chance of the Tilburgers.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

41 'GOAL Feyenoord!


What did Dick Advocaat and the players say to each other during the conversation a few days ago?

The Rotterdammers are deadly effective and increase their margin on PSV.

Bryan Linssen takes off on the edge of offside and technically points the ball past Yvon Mvogo.

The VAR takes another good look at it, but the goal counts.

What a luxury for the people of Rotterdam.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

38 'GOAL Willem II!


Is this the Zeljko Petrovic effect in Willem II?

The brand new trainer of the Tilburgers sees his team taking the lead against FC Emmen in any case.

Ché Nunnely squeezes in between two defenders to tap in a low cross from Mats Köhlert.

It is actually against the proportions, but no one in Tilburg will care.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

It goes a bit far to say that PSV is already bowing their heads, but with the 2-0 deficit against Feyenoord on the board, it certainly does not look rosy for the men of Roger Schmidt.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

26 'GOAL Feyenoord!


It went a bit less for Steven Berghuis in recent weeks, but here he shows that he can still do it.

He characteristically cuts inward and places the ball phenomenally in the far corner.

The primordial cry that Berghuis lets out echoes through the stadium.

There is a lot of frustration out there.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Mark Diemers is currently the celebrated man at Feyenoord, but the team from Rotterdam has been put under considerable pressure by PSV since the midfielder's early goal.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

In the basement cracker in Tilburg, no goals have been scored halfway through the first half.

The visitors from Emmen have a considerable preponderance, Willem II has not even come close to the opponent's goal.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Mark Diemers shoots hard and low in the opening goal, while Bryan Linssen does his best not to get in the way of his teammate.

Forced by the arrears, PSV put more effort, but that gives Feyenoord the space to become dangerous with counters.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

15 'Linssen escapes offside after a smart pass from Malacia and comes face to face with Mvogo.

The PSV goalkeeper protects his team with his left foot from more disaster.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

13 'PSV keeps the pressure on Feyenoord.

A cross from Malen, this time from the left, ends up at Mauro Júnior.

It is that Botteghin throws himself in front of the Brazilian's shot, otherwise it is just right.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

10 'PSV is almost on the same level again.

Malen shoots hard past and sees Max coming just too late at the far post to tap the ball in.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

7 'GOAL Feyenoord!


A big boost for Feyenoord, which has an early lead.

Lutsharel Geertruida thunders over the right flank after a quick free kick and pulls the ball in front.

Mark Diemers is completely free on the edge of the penalty area and he shoots the ball hard and low past Yvon Mvogo.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

As has been the case in recent weeks, there is no audience present in De Kuip.

Instead, the stands are again populated by thousands of banners.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

2 'A low cross from Dumfries falls between three Feyenoord players, so Zahavi can almost reach it.

The Feyenoord defense just manages to turn it into a corner.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days


The ball also rolls in De Kuip during an important showdown.

Will Feyenoord keep the title chances alive, or will PSV stay in the wake of Ajax?

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days


Willem II and FC Emmen have started the crucial mutual confrontation.

Emmen must absolutely win, otherwise relegation can hardly be avoided.

Willem II-FC Emmen · in 5 days

Also in the tail of the Eredivisie plenty of action today.

The numbers seventeen and eighteen, Willem II and FC Emmen, meet each other today and can then see what ADO Den Haag does against Sparta.

Zeljko Petrovic is sitting on the bench for the first time as a trainer for the Tilburg team.

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

This 'Super Sunday' will make a lot clear when it comes to the title fight.

Yesterday Vitesse dropped two expensive points against RKC, making this the position ahead of the top players.

1. Ajax 19-47 (63-15)

2. PSV 19-43 (45-19)

3. Vitesse 20-42 (34-18)

4. AZ 19-37 (44-28)

5. Feyenoord 19-35 (34-19)

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Lawyer: 'Players have to show it now'

This week in the run-up to the top match against PSV was mainly about the irritations at Feyenoord.

Coach Dick Advocaat talked to captain Steven Berghuis and hopes that the gaze can now move forward.

"I am not going to explain that again. That has been spoken with the group, now they have to show that it was indeed not a problem", Advocaat told



"I had to find something to indicate where the irritation was. I think that after three defeats the group of players knows what to show. They have enough qualities, today they have to compete."

Feyenoord-PSV · in 5 days

Packed up, the players enter the field of De Kuip for the warm-up.

It is currently 2 degrees in Rotterdam, but the wind chill is around freezing.


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