Stina Nilsson started the hunt start in the biathlon European Championships well.

She fired fully at the first shot and was about to put all the shots at the second shot.

But there was a boom on her tenth shot.

After that, there were more booms.

In total, Nilsson missed six shots and ended up far down in the results lists.

She was 38th.

SVT Sports expert Björn Ferry has doubts about Nilsson's future as a successful biathlete.

- I'm not as hopeful.

If she is to compete with the world elite, she has to go much, much faster, says Ferry.

- It's fun shooting, she's right about that.

But she has to go faster.

Stina Nilsson had the fourth best ride.

Nice Swedish placements

Ingela Andersson did a strong competition and had the chance to win the competition.

But in the last shot she shot herself away and thus missed the podium.

It was a fifth place for Andersson.

Anna Magnusson finished sixth in the competition.

Elisabeth Högberg also did a nice competition, she finished in eflte place.

Home skier Kamila Zuk was the best of the day.

She finished 18th, but managed to win the hunt start over 12.5 kilometers.

Polish shot full.