Brynäs scored early and late in the first period in the meeting with HV71 at home in Gävle.

One of the team's big scorers, Lara Stalder, scored her 27th goal of the season already after three minutes of play and with five seconds left of the period, the back talent Maja Nylén Persson increased to 2-0.

Beautiful solo goal

In the middle period we only got to see one goal, but it was really beautiful.

HV center Michelle Löwenhielm won the puck behind her own goal and then advanced to the far left.

The Brynäs players did not manage to stop Löwenhielm who advanced towards the box - and pushed in the reduction.

- It feels great for myself.

This is one of my funniest and best seasons.

I have a good self-confidence, Löwenhielm told SVT after the second period.

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Löwenhielm's solo goal took HV71 into the match

Goal-happy third period

It would turn out that anyone who likes to see goals when watching hockey, would not be disappointed.

The third period started with HV71 standing for a real boost and turned the match around.

In twelve minutes, HV71 had gone up to 4-2.

But then the Gävle team started their hunt for points and it was the former goal scorer, Maja Nylén-Persson, who was the conductor in the attacking game.

She assisted Danisa Krizova to 3-4 and then sent in the equalizer with less than a minute left to play.

Delicious punishment

The match in extra time where the teams exchanged goal chances with each other, but the battle would be decided in a penalty shootout.

Once there, Lara Stalder stepped forward again with not just one but two delicious penalties, which meant that the extra points stayed in Gävle.